Knee Pain & It's Prevention

Knee pain is a common problem in these days which affect people of all ages. Continuous knee pain may affect the soft tissues around the knee. Knee pain can be due to less and more physical activities or any type of running injuries. Being overweight may put you at higher risk of knee problems.

Symptoms of Knee Pain :
  1. Stiffness and Swelling
  2. Weakness of the joint
  3. Joint Redness
  4. Inability to straighten the knee
  5. Joint Instability

Prevention of Knee Pain and Problem :

1. Maintain your weight : Being overweight places excess load on your joints mainly in the lower back area, hip, knee, and ankle. To overcome these, try to maintain your body weight and indulge in physical activities.
2. Muscle Weakness : Weak muscles are the cause of knee pain. So try to involve in physical activities which will help your knees work more effectively.
3. Be in shape to play without any injury : Try to work with your coach or trainer to ensure that your technique and movement are the best. It will reduce the chances of sports injury.
4. Wear supportive and well fitted shoes : If you are actively participating in regular activities, try to change your shoes timely to protect your ankles as well as your feet.
5. Regularly stretch your knee and body : Stretching regularly helps you to promote flexibility and mobility in your joints, it will help you to protect your joint and knee.

If you are facing any knee problem, try to consult your doctor. A doctor can diagnose and treat the cause of pain. He will suggest you some remedies like physiotherapy, icing, heating, etc. If still the pain is not relived, feel free to consult us at anytime.