When to opt for knee replacement surgery ?

If you feel pain in your knees when you walk upstairs, doing regular activities or even when you sit and lie down. If these are the symptoms, you may need to think about the treatment and may be the knee replacement is required.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing damaged, diseased cartilage and bone in your knee joint with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic to enable the joint to move in the same way as a natural joint.

When Knee Replacement is needed ?

Your doctor will suggest you for knee replacement if your knee gives you pain, stiffness, or loss of function that affects your daily life activities. You may be offered knee replacement surgery if you face these symptoms in your daily routine:

1. Long Lasting pain is not getting better:

If you tried everything to get relief from pain like physiotherapy, pain killers and exercises, but your pain is not getting better, so it’s the right time to go for knee replacement surgery.

2. Arthritis:

If in arthritis it is difficult to walk, sleep and to do your daily routine activities, than it is right time to go for knee replacement surgery.

3. Stiff and Swollen Knees:

If you have stiff and swollen knees then the knee replacement surgery will help you to remove the damaged tissues inside your knees.

Types of Knee Replacement surgery:

There are four types of knee replacement surgery:
1. Total Knee Replacement
2. Partial Knee Replacement
3. Kneecap Replacement
4. Complex Knee Replacement

Recovery from Knee Replacement surgery:

You will be in the hospital for 1 day under observation, the surgery lasts for approx 10 minutes and you are on your feet with in 10 to 12 hours. After surgery you may need physiotherapy for the first few weeks. It will help you to strengthen your knee. In most of the cases, it will take 3 to 4 months after surgery to do their regular activities again.