Doing Himself : That's Harprit Singh

Here at Orthonova, Dr. Harprit, checks all the OPD patients himself and performs all operations, may it be trauma, TKR, THR, Arthroscopy, Spine surgery himself. He monitors all Scans/X-ray himself, checks all the dressings, applies POP, monitors the sterilization of OT's, gives I/A+Injection all by himself. .... Unlike most of the centres, where the OPD consultation is done by some junior surgeon, & the surgery is done by some trainee surgeon and the senior doctor comes only for some special cases.

Here, at Orthonova, Dr Harprit believes in operating all the surgeries himself, thereby passing his vast experience of 19 years and more than 21,000 joint replacement surgeries and 27,000 other orthopaedic operation directly to the patients. No doubt, he is famous for diagnosing a condition, in a minute, before the patient even sits down on the chair - You will believe it once you visit him.

As a knee expert, he developed knee replacement surgery to such a height that people seek his expert opinion from far away places in India like Delhi, Mumbai even upto Shillong and overseas from UK, USA, Germany, Hongkong, Kenya and other countries. This type of work some times brings him to face 18-20 major operations in a single day, and he leaves no stone unturned to keep his patients happy.

Dr. Harprit Singh
MBBS, MS (Ortho), MCh
4 Gold Medals & 3 Silver Medals
Know Your Doctor Awards & Fellowships
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